Backing up your precious memories – TVNZ Breakfast

Technology test-driver John Buckley reviewed a range of gadgets for storing your precious family photos and videos.  Click the image to see the interview with Pippa Wetzell.


Plustek Opticfilm 7200i Film and Slide Scanner

With this user friendly machine you can scan your negatives or old slides and convert them to digital images in seconds.    The unit comes with a powerful software pack that aims to reduce dust and scratches while restoring the images original colours. After installing the software you simply power it up, plug the USB cable into your computer and press one or two buttons to get going.

Recommended retail price $699

Available from: Computer retailers such as and and photo retailers such as

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Rating 4 out of 5

HP SimpleSave Photo 5 Pack

How easy is this?  Simply pop the HP SimpleSave disk into the DVD burner tray and it automatically finds, organizes and backs up your image files. And you don’t even have to install any software to use it.  It recognises a variety of photo and video formats and saves up to 2,000 photos per disk.

Recommended retail price $24.95

Available from: Harvey Norman

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Rating 5 out of 5

ReadyNAS Duo RND2150 (Network attached storage).

With this system you can add a high capacity hard drive to your home network by attaching it to your wireless router (if you have one).

You can then back up the contents of your hard drive, or drives, onto the ReadyNAS duo.  It comes with one hard drive but if you like you can add a second drive into the unit which “mirrors” the first and acts as a backup if the original were to fail.

You can also create a personal webpage to easily share photos with friends and family over a network or the internet.

Recommended retail price: $979

Available through Dick Smith Electronics.

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Rating 3 out of 5

All prices correct at time of publishing. Products subject to availability.