Nokia N97 First Look in New Zealand

I’ve been dying to get my hands on this phone since I saw a promo video on Youtube late last year. The day has finally  come.


Today – July 7th – is the launch date, just 3 days ahead of the rival Apple iphone 3GS. The N97 is very highly specced.  It has 32gb of storage, a 5mp Carl Zeis lensed camera, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0, WLAN, 3g HSDPA, USB 2.0 and an fm radio.

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The handset comes in a grey, pretty conservative looking box.

N97 NZ First Look

Flip it open and you’re presented with the phone, a stylus and a large flat battery.

N97 NZ First Look (1)

There’s quite a range of stuff under the top layer including the power cord, a sleeve, a screen cleaner, earphones with remote and a micro usb power adapter. Note to owners of previous Nokia models, this model is powered only through the micro usb so you ‘ll need the adapter if you want to use your old AC charger.

N97 NZ First Look (2)

The sim card goes in a sliding tray above the battery space.

N97 NZ First Look (4)

Here she is, closed and powering up.

N97 NZ First Look (5)

Slide the top half back to reveal the qwerty keyboard and navigation pad below.

N97 NZ First Look (8)

The top down view.  The out of the box setup leaves space for a mini facebook app, ovi images and a scrolling Reuters

news link.  You will need to set up a wireless connection of course to get any data from these.

N97 NZ First Look (10)

Here it is in the hand.  The size is good. My first thoughts are that it feels like a powerful mini computer more than a phone – but hey, that’s probably what it is.

N97 NZ First Look (11)