First Look at the iPhone 3GS (TVNZ 10 July 2009)

Well it took a bit of organising and a very covert, early morning handover, but I managed to get one of the first iPhone 3GS devices to take on the breakfast show this morning.

By the time we went on air I had managed to do very little testing with the phone. Β Despite that we were able to get a feel for the 3GS and run through some of the main features.

To see the full video review with Paul Henry this morning click on the screen shot below.


One thought on “First Look at the iPhone 3GS (TVNZ 10 July 2009)

  1. Hopefully Ill be getting me one of these at the end of the year.
    How do u rate the 3GS over the normal 3G version? I havent really had any experience with either, all my friends have an iPod Touch so thought instead of getting one of those ill take the next step and get a 3GS because i need a new phone too lol (it’ll be quite an upgrade from my 5year old $99 Telecom phone that can txt/call only and has no features what-so-ever heh)

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