Win Prizes with Breakfasts Inspector Gadget

UPDATE:  Thanks to everyone who has entered the competition to win the breakfast show gadgets.  The response has been phenomenal.  I will make the draw on Monday so if you have entered, keep those fingers crossed.



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This morning on TVNZ’s breakfast I showed a range of great accessories for Portable Media Players.

To make matters even better, Kal at has generously offered to give Breakfast viewers the chance to win these gadgets.

There are three sets of prizes to be won*

win prizes

First prize: OptiMax-II Micro-LED Projector valued at $499.99

Second prize: H2O Audio ‘Amphibx’ Waterproof Armband (large) and H2O Audio Bass Amplified Waterproof Headphones (value $169.95 plus 129.95 repectively.

Third prize: Three X Mini II capsule speakers valued at $59.95 each

To enter the draw all you have to do answer the three questions below and e-mail your answers to me at

Q1 Name one of the Olympic swimmers who endorses H2O Audio products? (hint)

Q2 What is the expected life of the LED light engine in the OptiMax ii Micro Led projector? (hint)

Q3 When charged the X mini capsule speaker give you how many hours of play time? (hint)

Here’s the technical bit:

  • You must include your name, email address and a contact phone number (mobile preferred) in the e-mail.
  • On Monday 24th of August I will choose three winners at random from all of the correct answers.
  • Once contacted the three winners will have 48 hours to supply me with their delivery address.
  • If the 48 hours pass without contact I will re-draw a name from the list.

Best of luck.

*Note, the images are illustrations only. No iPod or any other type of portable media player is included in the prize packs. Judges (that’s me) decision is final.  Winners agree to have their names published on this blog. No details will be provided to any other party.

Product Reviews

H2O Audio ‘Amphibx’ Waterproof Armband and H2O Audio Bass Amplified Waterproof Headphones


Bringing music to the water. Endorsed by 14 time Olympic gold medallist Michael Phelps, these high quality waterproof products allow kayakers, swimmers, surfers etc to listen to their electronic music while out on (or even in) the water.

Recommended retail price: Armband $149.95 (sml) and 169.95 (lge), Headphones $129.95

Product website:

Available from: Consumer electronics retailers such as JB HiFi

OptiMax-II Micro-LED Projector


An iPod dock with a very cool twist, a built in micro projector. Now can view videos or movies from your portable media player as well as listen to music.

Recommended retail price: $499.99

Product website:

Available from: Noel Leeming

X Mini II capsule speaker


These mini speakers can be recharged via your computers USB port and you can take them virtually anywhere.  The Buddy Jack feature allows you to connect a row of them together to seriously boost the sound

Recommended retail price: $59.95 per speaker

Product website:

Available from: Bond & Bond and Noel Leeming.

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