Gadgets 2011: All eyes on Las Vegas

Published: 3:09PM Wednesday January 05, 2011 Source: ONE News

Its official name is the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show but it’s known around the world simply as CES.

Based in Las Vegas, it is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow with 2700 exhibitors ranging from small companies through to powerhouses like Samsung, HP, Panasonic and Sony.

For the next four days technology journalists and early adopters can expect a riot of gadget news.

Release announcements will cover everything from the latest digital cameras to the Ford Motor Company’s first ever 100% electric battery powered production car.

Of course it’s mainly about generating positive hype and because of that most companies have already released sneak previews of their gadgets.

Based on those releases, here are the trends we are likely to see emerge from CES 2011: (continued at