Best of CES 2011 – Lady Gaga Glasses, Kitara and the Motorola Xoom make the list

Well, as predicted, the tech-media have had a field day at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The volume of information pouring out of the event has been phenomenal – thank you Engadget for taking over my Facebook wall with updates over the past few days – in fact it has been a case of information overload.

Now the dust is settling and the gadget mags/websites have started to sort the wheat from the chaff. So what new products have come through?

Brit gadget mag Stuff has provided a useful selection with their Hot Stuff award winners.

Making the list is the Misa Kitara, an US$850 electronic guitar with multi-touch screen, gesture recognition and open-source software.

Stuff also rated the Motorola Actrix saying that while it’s a smartphone “plugged into its desktop or laptop dock, it’s a proper computer, capable of running a full Firefox browser and playing 1080p HD video.”

Also worthy of mention was the Contour GPS, a sports action helemet camera which can stream it’s images to smartphones via Bluetooth.

Over in the States, the big daddy of tech websites, has drawn up it’s list of contenders for the “Best Of” awards.

With more than 80 tablets to look at, the Motorola Xoom had to bring out the big guns to rate a mention.
Cnet said “The Xoom betters the iPad in some ways–it comes standard with front- and rear-facing cameras, including one that can record in HD. It also boasts a larger screen with a higher resolution, supports Adobe Flash, and it will be ecome the first device to run the latest version of Google’s Android operating system, known as Honeycomb. The operating system supports multitasking and has been designed explicitly for tablets.”

The IoSafe rugged portable drive made the list, not least for its ability to withstand a shotgun blast.

And while some 3D screens were getting bigger, the tiny handheld Nintendo 3DS ranked highly thanks to its (apparently) stunning glasses-less 3D image capabilities.

Finally, from‘s best of CES list we’ll save a mention for the great tech genius that is Lady Gaga. Who wouldn’t want a pair of Gaga’s “GL20 Camera Glasses (below) which include a built-in camera and dual LCDs which appear to cover your eyes when you’re wearing the oversized shades.”

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