Where can I buy those cool coffee gadgets? The Hario cold filter and 2 cup syphon.

Wow, I’ve had a massive response to yesterdays coffee gadget segment on Breakfast.

The most popular question is “where can I buy them”. Sorry we didn’t get to that on air, as things were a bit rushed.

I’m happy to share that information and give a big shout out to Ben and Matt at Little B for all their help with the segment. Here are the details…


Hario Two Cup Coffee Syphon
This Japanese produced, two cup Syphon brewer this is the model used by Barista Empire coffee stores in Auckland. The word Syphon refers to devices that involve the flow of liquids through tubes.

The Syphon creates a smooth yet intense coffee from the hot water, boiled in the lower chamber. It really brings life and exaggerates the profile of the coffee without damaging the fine balance.

Price: $130

Product Website: www.baristaempire.co.nz/shop/hario-equipment/

Available from: Barista Empire stores Ben and Little B in Auckland.

Hario Cold Drip Filter.
This is the base model from Hario and brew times vary from an hour to three depending on how you like to brew. Uses ice water to slowly brew a low coffee with low acidity a great way to showcase a bright single origin.

Start with course ground light roast coffee in the middle chamber. Ice water runs from the top chamber. Let the water run to soak the first few inches of ground coffee, place the paper filter on top of the wet coffee, then adjust the dripper mechanism to about one drip per second. Let coffee brew for as long as you like but the recommendation is to aim for 2 hours.

Price: $300

Product Website: www.baristaempire.co.nz/shop/hario-equipment/

Available from: Barista Empire stores, Ben and Little B, in Auckland.

Mazzer Mini Coffee Grinder
The Mazzer Mini is one of the world’s most popular coffee grinder, for good reason. This highly regarded piece of Italian engineering carries a lifetime guarantee. While Mazzer profess to make machines for commercial purposes only, there is a growing market amongst home enthusiasts who crave a cafe quality grind.

Price: $999

Website: www.mazzer.co.nz

Available from: Espresso Engineers, 28 Crummer Road, Ponsonby. Phone 09 361 2500.

* All prices correct at time of publishing. Products subject to availability.