Boom! Shake the Room. Alienware Pod and JVC Boomblaster.

In a world where Apple products dominate the shelves, we are getting used to seeing sleek, subtle technology.

But not all manufacturers believe less is more.

In fact, some of the latest gadgets are going all out to get noticed.

Let’s go and have a look at the Big Booming gadgets Inspector Gadget played with today.

Alienware Pod

The Alienware pod is an amazing system which has been designed to showcase Alienware’s machines at events. The pod contains the most powerful Alienware gaming PC available.  The system has state of the art specs; an extreme quad-core CPU, two video cards, two solid state hard drives, Blu-Ray and more !  The CPU is an over-clocked i7 9900x cpu, the 72” display is comprised of three 24” HD Dell displays and sound is provided by Creative software & Bose 5.1 speakers which deliver incredible three dimensional sound.

Price: The Alienware Pod cannot be purchased currently by the public however their laptop systems start at $2199 and their desktops at $3000.

Available from: Alienware computers are available from and JB Hi-Fi stores.

Product Website:

Rating: 5 out of 5.


JVC Boomblaster


The JVC RV-NB70 BoomBlaster Audio Portable is back and is packed with more features than ever, including a guitar and microphone input with mixing capabilities for quick and easy performance-style music enjoyment virtually anywhere.


First launched in 1998 the JVC BoomBlaster now also boasts a dock for iPod and iPhone that is protected behind a sealing door to prevent damage from the elements. A USB Host also allows playback of MP3 and WMA music stored on a USB mass storage device.


The BoomBlaster offers AC and DC operation and includes a shoulder strap, which, along with the remote control, makes it ideal for listening to outdoors or on the dance floor.


Recommended Retail Price: $599

Product Website:

Rating: 4 out of 5

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