Ultimate Gadgets for Pet Owners

A Companion Animal Council survey released in July showed that Kiwis are “Pet Crazy”.

The survey show (amongst other things) that:
• 68% of New Zealand households own a companion animal, a higher percentage than in any comparable country.
• New Zealanders are the world’s greatest cat owners, with a total feline population of 1.419 million.
• There are more than 700,000 pet dogs.
• Kiwis spend $1.5bn a year on their pets, 50% of this on food and 23% on vet bills.
• More than $30 million is spent on toys, accessories and grooming products.

So in that spirit, here are a few items you can splurge on for your favourite, moggy, puppy, whatever…

Eyenimal Pet Video Camera

Owners of free-roaming pets often wonder what their companions get up to during their unsupervised outdoor wanderings. This unique miniature video camera allows cat and dog owners to step into the lives of their favourite pet.

Uniquely designed to attach to most cat or dog collars, this rechargeable video camera allows owners to capture images continuously for up to two and a half hours, then view them back on a computer.

Eyenimal has been widely used as a tool to help identify a range of unwanted pet behaviours, for instance, a dog somehow escaping from the property, a cat being attacked by unknown neighbourhood cat or a dog being accused of excessive barking etc.

Recommended retail price:$199.00
Available from Animates pet stores nationwide. http://www.animates.co.nz/stores?view=map
Product website: http://www.petvision.co.nz/
Example video clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcRfdUtNsCI

Dyson DC41 Animal and Dyson Groom Tool attachment

Dyson DC41 Animal is a Dyson Ball upright vacuum with the latest Radial Root Cyclone technology.

It generates the strongest suction power at the cleaner head, to powerfully remove dust, dirt and pet hair from the home. It includes a Mini turbine head to clean pet hair and stubborn dirt from upholstery, stairs and the car.

The optional Dyson Groom tool removes loose hair directly from your dog before it sheds around your home. The hair is sucked straight into the vacuum. No mess

Recommended retail price: DC41 Animal $999.00 available from November.
Dyson Groom Tool: $95.00 (compatible with most Dyson vacuum cleaners).
Available from: Leading electronics retailers.
Product website: www.dyson.co.nz

Next, two dubious “must have” pet items from the internet site http://www.thinkgeek.com:

Pet USB Collar

The modern cat or dog should never be seen in public with just an ordinary name tag! No, the must-have accessory for today’s pets is the Flexi PC Pet ID Tag. It functions just like a USB flash drive, storing Word documents and photos with critical information about your pet. With the Flexi PC Pet ID Tag, anyone with a computer can learn everything about your pet in just a few minutes – making getting them reunited with you a snap.

RRP: $14.99 US plus delivery.
Product website: http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/pets/d8ab/

Electronic Butterfly in jar:

The ultimate low maintenance pet for office geeks. The electronic butterfly in a jar is battery powered and never needs food or water. It will never die (but may need new batteries from time to time). As a bonus for cat owners, cats are insanely attracted to this fluttering fun toy.

RRP: $19.99 US plus delivery.

All prices correct at time of publishing. Products subject to availability.

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  1. where in NZ can one purchase the butterfly in the jar. I know a little girl that would love to own her a butterfly that wont fly away or die

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