The Best New New Zealand Products

A $16,000 racing bike, a pneumatic possum killer and a device that helps you safely jump off walls.  What do you think they all have in common?

Well the companies that designed these products have all won awards at this year’s Design Institute “Best Awards.”

An initiative of The Designers Institute of New Zealand, The Best Design Awards is the annual showcase of excellence in graphic, spatial, product and interactive design and today I’m going to look at just three of the many winning products.

Product 1: Avanti Chrono Evo 2 Cycle for Time Trials and Triathlons.

What is it?

  • The fastest Avanti bike ever.
  • A Time Trial / Triathlon / Ironman bike designed for structural stiffness and aerodynamic speed.
  • It has an integrated front including brakes inside the fork for better aerodynamics, all brake cables and shifting cables are internal.
  • It has electronic gear shifting using buttons on the handlebars.
  • Used by Cameron Brown to win NZ Ironman on the Chrono’s competition debut.
  • The Avanti brand was first established in New Zealand in 1985.
  • Avanti bikes are used by a number of New Zealand top athletes such as Bevan Docherty, Cameron Brown and Commonwealth Games gold medalist, Alison Shanks.

What did it win?

  • It won a gold pin in product design and the Purple Pin (supreme award) at the Design Awards

Why did it win?

  • Avanti’s goal was simple – to design and build the fastest time trial (Chrono Evo 2) and track bikes (Pista Evo 2) in the world.
  • The new bike is a major improvement on the competition.
  • Lowest drag figure at the wind tunnel test (fastest bike of all our nearest competitors) for both the Pista Evo 2 and Chrono Evo 2.
  • Best frame and fork stiffness results against competition

The judges described Avanti’s award-winning bike as “a world-class product demonstrating the highest standards of build, technology and New Zealand design”.

“This amazingly light performance machine demonstrates meticulous attention to detail. The design confidently represents New Zealand in one of the world’s most demanding and exacting sport and recreational arenas.”

The retail price of the Chrono Evo 2 Di2 (the electronic shifting version shown today) is $15,999. The normal mechanical cable shifting version is $12,999.

These can be purchased through any Avanti Plus store or Avanti Authorised Dealer.

Manufacturers websites: and

Product 2: Good Nature Automatic Humane Possum Trap.

What is it?

A revolutionary trap which humanely kills possums and resets itself automatically 12 times before needing to be re-powered. This means it is 12 times more efficient than manual traps.

The trap contains a sweet, liquid bait which lures possums.  When they put their head into the device and bite down, a compressed gas canister fires a retractable bolt into the animal’s skull, stunning and killing it immediately.

What did it win?

A gold pin (gold award).

Why did it win?

This really is an innovative product which can help fight the conservation battle in New Zealand.

There are an estimated 70 million possums present throughout approximately 92% of New Zealand. They spread Bovine Tuberculosis and are known to eat the nests and eggs of native birds.

While the unit is more expensive than traditional traps ($150 versus $45) they are cheaper to maintain than normal traps (labour cost to reset is $16 versus $96). Currently being extensively tested by DOC.

Recommended Retail Price: Trap with first CO2 canister $149.50

Replacement CO2 canisters are $7.50

A tube of Possum Paste is $11.50

Where to buy: Online at

Product 3: TruBlue Auto Belayer.

What is it?

  • The TruBlue auto-belay is for use at the top of climbing walls; TRUBLUE retracts a line ahead of the climber before allowing them to abseil to the ground without the need for another person to stand on the ground to help with the belaying (belaying is the technique of exerting friction on a rope to slow a climbers descent).
  • Developed collaboratively by three companies in Christchurch, the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, uses a patented self-regulating braking system using non-contacting magnetic braking technology.
  • Designed, developed and tested in New Zealand, it is now selling in the thousands around the world and has gone from being a challenger product to becoming the global industry standard in 18 months.

What did it win?

  • It was a silver award winner at the Best Awards.

What’s different about the design of this product?

  • By using magnets to induce breaking, the TRUBLUE autobelay has no wearing parts which means it has a considerably longer life and improved reliability compared to friction brakes.
  • This is not a consumer product but in just 18 months they have sold more than 2,000 units of the TRUBLUE auto belay worldwide.
  • This New Zealand company is establishing a growing dominance in the global market of auto-belays.

Recommended Retail Price: $2100 (US)

Product website: