Gadget testing doesn’t stop for Valentine’s Day

First things first, yes, there were flowers delivered to our household today for Mrs Gadget Guy (she loved them, thanks for asking). Enough to turn a blind eye to a little bit of gadget testing from the males in the household at least.

Sony were good enough to loan me two separate toys today. Firstly, the soon to launch in NZ, PS Vita. This one got a thumbs up from the young fella.  He’s working his way through the on-device tutorials at the moment and it appears the combination of touch screen, rear touch pad and dual analog controllers makes this a responsive, engaging games device.

Secondly we got hold of the Personal 3D Viewer which is a head mounted display that can play 3D content at close range. My first impression is “wow, it works quite well.”  I can see a crisp clear image, almost large enough to qualify as a 70″ display, but I’m struggling to find the absolute sweet spot of comfort and vision.

I think I’ll find it, so I’m going to head back to the 3D Blu-Ray of the 2010 Fifa World Cup to immerse myself in the visuals.  In the meantime, here are a couple of skite shots with the longer review to follow by the end of the week.