Live from the iPad 3 Launch – TVNZ Coverage

11 am – Lots of demonstrations now – video editing, video games, Garage Band.

Okay New Zealand, you got a mention. The new iPad (for that’s all they are calling it) goes on sale on the 23rd of March.  Price (probably) the same as the ipad 2.

10.36 Phil Schiller is on by the way – and in summary, the new ipad has voice dictation, retina display, 5mp rear camera, HD recording and 4G LTE wireless.  They still haven’t told us the name yet however.

10.30 New Camera in in new iPad 5MP. Screen has retina display.

10.23 Now looking at iPad and bagging the other tablets in the market.  Looked at Twitter on iPad versus Twitter on Samsung Galaxy Tab.

10.15 iCloud will now support movies.  Also Apple TV will be upgraded – new user interface and 1080p hi def capable.

10.10 Tim Cook is presenting – having looked at retail he has now announced Siri will be in Japan. We’ve heard the Aussie, French and now Japanes Siri.

Well, we’re finally here.  Two hours of qeueuing and now comfortably seated.  Apple execs we’ve seen so far include Scott Forstall – head of ipod iPhone development (and potential future CEO).

Here’s a pic from the cheap seats.