A Happy Marriage? The Specials in Auckland, April 2012

Al Capone’s guns don’t argue – and neither do I when I’m offered a ticket to see  The Specials play live. After all, these guys are my childhood musical heroes.

I really enjoyed the night (surprise surprise).  There was a party atmoshpere for the virtually the whole gig although the pace slowed down at two important points.  Firstly when the band stopped to pay tribute to their great friend, Amy Winehouse (dedicating Hey Little Rich Girl to her).  The second time was when guitarist/vocalist Lynval Golding apologised to the audience for “only playing here twice” the other time being 2009.  “We should have come here thirty years ago” he said – and the crowd roared in agreement.

Highlights: A Message To You Rudy – honestly, all I could see were beaming faces from young and old during this song’s performance.

Lowlight: Attempted stage invasions and altercations with the bouncers? Honestly sir, at your age?

Right, so that’s Bad Manners and The Specials ticked off so far in 2012, must I see The Beat to complete the Ska trifecta?