Our Place, Our Space – Reshaping Communities (PRINZ Conference 10th-11th May 2012)

The Public Relations Institute of New Zealand will be holding its annual conference over the next two days in Auckland.  The conference will be tightly focused on communications practice in the socially connected age (as you can see from the outline below).  I will be presenting an overview of the Digital Kiwi to the audience at tomorrow afternoon’s session.

This 45 minute presentation, specially developed for the conference, will look at how Kiwis are adopting new technology and what impact always-on, internet enabled devices are having on society and the way we communicate. You can expect an entertaining review of the latest tech trends and a glimpse into the near future.

About #prconf12:

Communities are places where we come together. But today, place becomes space and physically located communities are inter-layered with online communities of interest.

How do place and space co-exist and interact? And, how do we communicate effectively when our audiences are online as often as they are on-the-ground?

As our audiences and stakeholders move between place and space, so must we as communicators, with increasing pace and agility. Understanding how communities are changing and the forces that drive them will inform successful communications practice for the next decade.

This year’s PRINZ Conference offers a line-up of  local and international speakers who will present case studies, research and insights to help you address a changing world as communities reshape.


Here’s a snapshot of some of the slides from my presentation

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