Smooth Operator – Sony PJ760VE Handycam

Over the weekend I got to test out the zoom capabilities of Sony’s PJ760VE Handycam.

The press release outlines its features as follows. “Its Balanced Optical SteadyShot provides 13x greater image stability compared to standard image stabilisation. That’s on top of its 96GB memory, built-in projector and 24.1MP picture capability!” See what you think with this shot.

On balance I agree – the steadycam function works very nicely, particularly when panning on zoomed shots.Β  Some people may be put off by the NZ$2,499 price and the extra weight the cam carries (a necessity really as the weight acts as a cantilever, balancing the lens and providing the steadiness). However the fact that the PJ760VEΒ  has a functioning micro-projector built into it might just elevate this into the realms of “gadget-geek-must-have-item.”