The most expensive “gadget” we’ve ever tested on Breakfast.

After a little chat with Audi, we persuaded them to let us test the latest Audi A8.  It has a price tag of $182,500, but of course if you have to ask the price, you know you can’t afford one.

I suppose we might be stretching it to call the car itself a gadget, but what we did want to check out was all of the in car tech such as google map and image powered navigation as well as the in-car wifi hotspot. The video review with Rawdon will appear on TV One at 8.20 next Wednesday.

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In a nutshell this beautiful tiptronic diesel sedan contained all of the best aspects of the proprietary Audi Connect system including:


The in-dash monitor is the central control zone for a range of sat-nav services such as:

  • Google map overlay
  • Request destinations – e..g brands, hotels, type of restaurant etc. – and receive options, address, contact details and directions all the way through to street view
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Wikipedia
  • Street view

Wifi hotspot

  • Vehicle becomes a wireless hotspot for passengers, who can use their iPads etc. while in or near the car.
  • Drivers and passengers can enjoy wireless networking at any time with high-speed internet access and an integrated wireless hotspot connecting them to news, traffic information, weather reports and navigation with Google Earth and Google Street View


  • Bluetooth streaming from phone for music and ipod control compatability.

We didn’t even get to talk about the perceptive cruise control which automatically slows the car when it approaches another car or stationary object. Ah well, maybe they will loan it to me for another day.

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  1. So cool and the safety features must make driving so much safer. Where will it end? It will help me find my 19 year old daughter who seems to have gone AWOL in Dunedin. Best wishes for successful sales. David, Auckland.

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