What are the top tech and social trends for 2013 – One News Report

If you are interested in hearing about the top tech and social trends for 2013 you can’t go past JWT’s excellent Top 100 things to watch in 2013.  The full, easy to read report is available here on Slideshare.

TVNZ News picked up on the trend-setting report and asked me to contribute a couple of brief insights on tonight’s news.  At the risk of sounding nerdy, I’m particularly proud to claim the first ever demonstration of NFC tags on a New Zealand prime time news programme (probably).  I can’t wait to see how this particular technology rolls out in the coming months.

Here is the One News segment by ace reporter Kristin Hall (click the image to view on TVNZ.co.nz).

One News JWT Top 100 for 2013

The customisable NFC tags shown come from Tagstand and if you’re into this sort of future tech, you can easily pick up a hobbyists starter pack here: http://nfctags.tagstand.com/collections/nfc-kits/products/nfc-hobbyist-starter-kit-15-stickers