LG use the force, and Ewan McGregor, to launch their 2013 home entertainment range


LG Electronics called on major Hollywood star Ewan McGregor to launch their 2013 home entertainment range today.

At a glitzy affair in one of Sydney’s most palatial private homes, the attendees got to hear about the new technology from Obi Wan Kenobe himself.

The actor spoke about his joy at becoming a brand ambassador for LG in Australia and New Zealand.

“Some of the TV’S are so clear It’s hard to describe them without swearing. In fact look at this one, its f&%#ing gorgeous” he said while pointing at an 84 inch ultra high definition LG TV.

He also chatted about the new curved OLED TV, casually describing it as “the most colour correct TV in the world.”

And the link between Ewan and TV’s? He’s well aware his work ends up more and more in homes and he’s happy to be assiciated with a brand that can accurately represent the lighting work and cinematography they create in cinematic movies.

He’s also a dad who likes to kick back and relax and watch movies with the kids on the rare occasions he’s not away filming.

Speaking if which, he will be filming the LG ad campaign for Australia and New Zealand in Sydney over the coming week.

We chatted afterwards and he told me he’d like to make the time to get to New Zealand as he’s been told it looks a lot like hus home country of Scotland.

LG promised a few surprises and as well as the famous face they delivered a few exciting product announcements.

No longer content to be a fast follower, they are staking out a leadership position particularly in the TV space.

For the sake of accuracy I have chosen to share LG’s copy directly from their event press release. Read on to get all of the details on the new lineup. l look forward to going hands on with the TV’s in the coming weeks.

Curved OLED

On top of these announcements, LG recently said that it will begin accepting pre-orders for its 55” Curved OLED TV in South Korea, with deliveries to begin next month. More than 1,400 LG retail stores in South Korea began taking orders on April 29 from customers for the premium TV, priced at KRW 15 million (approximately USD 13,500). The announcement makes LG the first and only company to commercialize both the flat screen OLED TV, which began shipping to Korean customers in February, and the Curved OLED TV, giving LG a significant lead in the OLED segment that is expected to grow to 7 million units by 2016, according to DisplaySearch.

“Our Curved OLED TV is not only proof of LG’s role as a pioneer in next-generation displays but also a testament to LG’s commitment to bringing to market the most exciting TV technology available today,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

The new features the industry’s very first curved screen ergonomic design, providing an “IMAX-like” viewing experience in the home. With more than five years of research behind developing the optimum curvature, the entire screen surface is equidistant from the viewer’s eyes, eliminating the problem of screen-edge visual distortion and loss of detail.

Only 4.3 millimeters at its thinnest point and weighing just 17 kilograms, LG’s Curved OLED TV produces astoundingly vivid and realistic images thanks to its proprietary WRGB technology. The unique Four-Colour Pixel system features a white sub-pixel, which works in conjunction with the conventional red, blue, green setup to perfect the colour output. What’s more, LG’s exclusive Colour Refiner maintains the colour accuracy of the image, resulting in images that are extremely vibrant, natural and enjoyable to view. As in the original flat screen OLED TV, the Curved OLED TV also offers an infinite contrast ratio for optimal contrast levels.

LG’s Curved OLED TV features thin transparent film speakers in the crystal clear stand, providing high-quality sound without compromising the TV’s beautiful design. LG’s Curved OLED TV took the top “red dot: best of the best” honour at the prestigious design competition earlier this year.

Timing and pricing of the Curved OLED TV in markets outside of Korea will be announced in the months ahead.

Ultra High Definition

LG pioneered Ultra HD TV in Australia with its launch of the 84” Ultra HD TV in 2012, with a premium price point that matched its premium large scale offering. With the announcement that 55” and 65” versions will be available later in the year, LG is making Ultra HD TV accessible to the masses by providing variable sizes and price points that compare more favorably to existing models.

All LG Ultra HD TVs feature the LG Resolution Upscaler Plus that improves lower resolution visual media content offering greater detailed content for early-adopters who want a detailed larger screen viewing experience.

Smart TV

In 2013, LG will deliver TVs that are easier to use with a new smart and expansive entertainment platform that keeps you connected.

Over 70% of LG’s 2013 TV line-up will be Smart TVs, offering access to premium content at affordable prices.

Key LG Smart TV features are:

·         LG’s new SmartShare will allow consumers to seamlessly share content between devices, for example from a compatible smartphone or tablet to a TV

·         The newly updated version of LG’s popular Time Machine (Time Machine II) feature enables consumers:

o   To record and save your favourite TV programs on a dedicated USB hard drive (minimum 40 Gb) or via the TVs inbuilt memory so you can rewind, pause, or watch recorded shows

o   The Watch & Record functionality will let you record a TV channel while watching a different channel (Available only on the LA86 series)

·         Consumers can control their Smart TV with LG’s easy-to-use LG Magic Remote

o   Everything works with simple gestures – Point, Draw, Speak & Scroll

o   The 2013 Magic Remote will recognise natural language voice for easier detection of spoken search terms

o   You can also download the LG TV Remote App onto your smartphone to use your phone as a remote control, or to watch TV on your phone in another room

o   Using Miracast to connect a Miracast enabled tablet or smartphone to a 2013 LG Smart TV, users can simply thumb through their favourite photos on their phone photo albums and pull them up on their LG Smart TV.