The most delicious gadget ever? Kenwood’s Cooking Chef

Gadget reviewers are often invited to technical events.  At these functions we usually get exposed to a huge range of jargon like NFC, Bluetooth, and LTE.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a tech launch where the talk revolved around fluffy meringues, perfect pastry and big juicy scallops.

The event was the launch of the new Kenwood Cooking Chef, the “first-ever total mixing kitchen mixer to cook your meal.”

The Cooking Chef is essentially a high end kitchen mixer with an induction cooking plate built into the base.  This means the machine can mix, stir and cook the food for you all at the same time.  Who wouldn’t want a gadget like that?

Eugene Hamilton, the head chef at Auckland’s Euro restaurant was on hand to put the machine through its paces.  In under an hour he prepared a delicious three course lunch, with most of the meal coming from the Cooking Chef itself.  Note to lazy cooks everywhere – while you can cook many meals in the bowl itself, you may still need to break out the frypans and saucepans for more complex meals.

As you can see from the pic below, I was put to work on the pasta roller attachment (the new machine takes many of the attachments used in previous mixers, giving Kenwood owners a reason to upgrade).  I have no doubt my pasta was the most delicious component of the ravioli served at the event.  Eugene followed this with a seafood risotto that was entirely mixed and cooked in the Kenwood, save for the giant diver scallops which were pan fried in buffalo butter.  These were presented in an ingenious little serving vessel which spewed dry ice as you ate.

The device that helped create all of this is a wonder of engineering and the result of 60,000 hours of testing. Marketing Manager of De’Longhi New Zealand, Davina Gray-Ebbett, outlined the benefits of  the Kenwood Cooking Chef as follows: the induction cooking system is safe, clean and energy efficient and it allows food lovers to concentrate on other kitchen tasks while taking their culinary creativity to another level.

She said the ability to achieve professional results every time will be loved by foodies, accomplished cooks and chefs alike.

My only regret was that I had to leave before the chocolate dessert was served – but my waistline will probably thank me for that.

The Kenwood Cooking Chef KM080 will be available in New Zealand from the 1st of July at a recommended retail price of $2,299.99



Chef Eugene Hamilton from Euro Restaurant


The other food hero of the day, the Kenwood Cooking Chef KM080

John Buckley

A visitor from Hawkes Bay tries his hand at making pasta.


Eugene’s seafood risotto with pan fried scallop, and dry ice for effect.