HD voice calls on a mobile? Not a problem says Vodafone

Vodafone New Zealand will today launch a new service that brings crystal clear HD voice calls to certain phones on their mobile network.

Vodafone HD Voice

High Definition (HD) Voice delivers crystal-clear voice quality and noticeably reduces background noise on calls made between customers using Vodafone’s network.

The technology is the smartphone equivalent of switching from Standard Definition to High Definition television.  According to their release, customers will notice a significant improvement in how their calls sound – at no extra cost.

Consumer Director, Matt Williams, says that while Vodafone’s pioneering 4G network continues to thrill data lovers, this technology innovation has been introduced for the voice fans.

“This feature is perfect for consumers who love a chat.  It takes mobile calling to a new level of quality and dramatically improves the overall experience.  The sound is so clear it’s as though you’re standing next to the person you’re calling – even if you’re hundreds of kilometres apart.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a sports match, on the train or in a crowd – you don’t need to raise your voice to be heard by the caller.”

Vodafone’s HD Voice technology is already being used by a small number of officers and staff at New Zealand Police – an organisation where accuracy and speed really counts.  The service helps make conversations easier to hear and cuts the time spent repeating or clarifying information.

“Voice technology has remained largely unchanged since mobile handsets were introduced in New Zealand in the 1980s,” Williams continues.  “The introduction of HD Voice makes it easier for callers to communicate clearly with each other, and provides another example of Vodafone network innovation.”

Over 250,000 customers on Vodafone’s network will have access to HD Voice calling – for free.  More customers will be able to enjoy this feature as the range of HD-capable devices increases.

Click here to hear the difference and for more information: www.vodafone.co.nz/hdvoice

HD Voice technology will be available to Vodafone customers from 7 November.