Never mind Crash Bandicoot – here’s Crash Handy Shoot

I’m one of those thoughtful drivers who places their smartphone in a dash mounted car cradle while driving.  From time to time though, I have to admit, I’ve used the mount to video the actions of dangerous drivers ahead of me (there just seems to be so many of them in Auckland).  Because of that, my interest was piqued when I heard about a new app from Uniden which will turn my amateur road recordings into the real deal.  The smartphone Crash Cam app is available now for iPhones and from the 1st of March for Android users.  Here’s more info from Uniden themselves:

Uniden, a world leader in wireless communication, has released its first Crash Cam app for smartphones as an extension of its popular iGO Cam in-car vehicle recorders range, helping a wider number of drivers to protect themselves from the significant costs resulting from road-related disputes.

Developed by Uniden Australia, the feature-packed app comes with the latest in vehicle accident recording ‘black box’ technology. It can turn any iOS or Android smartphone into a single camera crash cam, capturing incidents on the road.

With the smartphone mounted on the inside of the windscreen, the app’s built-in G-sensor instantly triggers recording upon detecting any sudden changes in motion, giving drivers the ability to analyse the direction of impact and view how it happened. Loop record continuously records events, providing evidence for police and insurance reports in the event of an accident. GPS geotagging captures details of the location of where an incident took place while the Still Photo function allows drivers to capture images as further evidence.

The app also tracks maximum and average travelling speeds with time and date stamps. Footage captured using the Crash Cam app can also be shared easily via e-mail and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter – perfect for scenic and off road adventures.

The Crash Cam app is ideal for a variety of road users including daily commuters, taxi drivers, couriers, 4WD enthusiasts or parents wishing to monitor the safety of younger or novice drivers. Priced at just NZD$3.99, the Crash Cam app is an affordable solution for drivers who want to trial the crash cam functionality on their smartphones before upgrading to dual or triple camera options such as the iGO Cam 820 or iGO Cam 850.

The Crash Cam app is currently available for download globally on the Apple iTunes store. The Android version is scheduled for release from 1 March 2014 via Google Play.

Uniden Crash Cam app (RRP NZD$3.99)
·        Records audio and video
·        Film in landscape and portrait formats
·        Built-in G-sensor with sensitivity levels
·        Continuous loop recording – can be manually activated
·        Flexible recording resolution settings in Standard Definition and Full HD
·        Auto record clip films clips up to one, two, five and 12 minutes
·        Still Photo function to capture images
·        Map overlay feature while recording
·        Captures maximum and average speed
·        Date and time stamp
·        Brightness adjust
·        Records on start-up of app
·        Share footage via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail
·        Store video and still images within the app and handset