Help! I have to write something

The process of writing does not come naturally to everyone.   If you’ve ever sweated over the opening line of a business report, or stared helplessly at a blinking cursor while trying to craft a blog post, you will know what I mean.  However sometimes, just sometimes, the words flow like whiskey at an Irish wake; and when they do, it’s a thing of beauty.

If only there was a handy little book we could refer to, that helped make writing easier.  Well, it would seem our prayers have been answered.  This compact publication, “Everyone Can Write” is a neat little guide that’s designed to help you get started instantly with any writing project.

ECW_front_cover_Feb2014_600PIXIt’s written by Howard Gelman, an editor and lecturer in the field of business and media.  He was inspired to write the book after a career which has included running writing workshops around the globe.  It’s his personal belief that everyone can write and in this book he gives plenty of advice to help the reader quickly raise their skill level.

Covering all of the structural approaches to non-fiction writing, he shows you how to write with confidence and assurance from the first sentence all the way through to your final edit.

The short section on grammar had the unnerving effect of making me feel like I was back at high school, negotiating my way through a refresher on nouns, pronouns and adjectives etc.

But for every reminder of English class, there are dozens of excellent tips to help you kick-start the writing process. You get tips on how to write that dreaded starter sentence, as well as a three-step guided process for getting your article down in full; pre-write, free write and rewrite.

The book also contains a concise guide to usage.  So if you’re wondering whether to use “all right” or “alright” this section will help (and did you know “irregardless” is not a word? Who’d have thunk it).

With a bit of practice using this book you should find that you are able to write more clearly and quickly under pressure.  So, as the author says, “stop looking at a blank screen and start writing”.

Book review: Everyone Can Write: A Guide to Get You Started is published by Exisle Publishing.
Price: $24.99