Lightbox Is Here – Telecom Delivers TV Over The Internet

A new online service is about to give Kiwis a lot more choice over how they watch TV shows.

Telecom Digital Ventures today revealed that their new streaming service, called Lightbox, will launch in the coming weeks offering people with a broadband connection the opportunity to choose what they watch, when they like and with no ads.

At launch TV shows Lightbox will include 24Live Another Day, starring Kiefer Sutherland as the iconic Jack Bauer.

24 2Game of Thrones junkies will likely get their costume drama fix through Vikings, currently in production on its third season.

Drama series Mad Men is also confirmed as part of the line-up.

While the full line-up of shows won’t be revealed until the service goes live,  Launch Director for Lightbox, Simon Hoegsbro says viewers can look forward to entertainment the whole family will enjoy.

“We’re launching with around 5000 hours of award winning TV shows that span all genres – whether you’re into drama, comedy, sci fi, fantasy, reality or kids shows, there’s something for everyone.”

A free 30-day trial will allow TV lovers to explore the service thoroughly before they make their first payment of just $15.

Vikings 1

The Details: How Lightbox Works

The service can be used across multiple devices, including laptop, desktop, iPad and Airplay on Apple TV.

Up to five devices can be registered to each Lightbox account, and two shows can be played at once, so you can watch the latest drama series in the living room while your kids sing along to their cartoon favourites in their bedroom.A parental control function enables parents to filter out content playback according to rating.

Set up is easy. There are no contracts or installation visits required and membership is available to all New Zealanders, regardless of their broadband service provider.

“Our aim is to bring our service to as many homes as possible,” says Hoegsbro. “We want viewers to discover shows they’ll love, and have the freedom to watch them on their own terms. Lightbox enables exactly that.

“We hope New Zealanders will take advantage of our free 30-day trial to check out what we’re offering and watch some great TV shows. To pre-register, visit and enter your email address.”

Small print: Compatible device and broadband required. Your ISP charges apply. Lightbox is $15 per 30 days after the 30 day free trial. Terms of use apply.


Twitter: @lightboxNZ