The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched in New Zealand on Friday the 26th of September.  Here’s the “First Look” and discussion with Matty McLean and Alison Pugh on Breakfast on the morning of the launch (copyright TVNZ 2014).

iPhone 6 Clip

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Having spent 48 hours with both handsets I’ve been asked by a number of people which one I prefer.  Right now I’m enjoying the iPhone 6 more than the 6 Plus which is a surprise to me as I’m a fan of larger format phones.

The iPhone 6 just seems to be more manageable in the hand, and there aren’t enough special features built into the 6 Plus to warrant the larger size.  Sure it’s great for photo and video viewing, but is the portability trade-off worth it? I’m not sure.

Oh and yes, it’s still flat despite having been transported in my jeans pocket. I guess NZ is going to have to try harder to get on the #bendgate bandwagon.