Matt Glastonbury is a mobile phone photographer.  To clarify; that doesn’t mean he takes photos of mobile phones, instead he is an expert in taking photos with mobile phones.

Matt started snapping away on an iPhone in Hong Kong a number of years ago.  He began to specialise in photos that could be used by tourism businesses to promote themselves on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Before long he graduated from iPhones to Lumia devices, having heard that the quality of the camera and importantly, the power he had over the controls, gave him more flexibility to achieve great shots.

We met Matt earlier this month on a fact finding trip to Sydney, facilitated by Microsoft Devices.  Over two days Matt showed the assembled media how to better use their Lumia devices in order to get professional quality photos.

It’s often said that the best camera is the one you have with you, but using it correctly is an advantage.  For example we were shown how to take better food photos.  One tip -take the camera off of auto and using manual focusing to ad depth of field to your food photos.

Another top tip was to look for ways to play with water and light, using the reflective power of water to enhance the composition of your shots.  And of course with the Nokia Camera app in the Lumia phones, it was easy to adjust the exposure controls to add saturation.

Matt also gave us tips on using Nokia’s living images which add a touch of animation to an image, and the Storyeller app to build a short video from your still images.

But enough with the writing, let’s have a look at the proof; here are some of the photos Matt took on a Lumia 930 during our two day tour of the Blue Mountains.

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That’s what a professional’s shots look like.  Meanwhile, here are some of the pics I took using a loan phone (including the best #animalselfie featuring Bandit the horse and yours truly – I’m the one on the right).

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About the Lumia 930:
Running on the latest Windows 8.1 operating system, the Lumia 930 offers a seamless experience across your phone, tablet, Windows PC and Xbox devices – making it easier to access your favourite shared files in more places – as well as Live Tiles so you can quickly and easily stay connected to the things that matter most.The new addition to the premium Lumia line-up brings the best of Windows and Lumia including:

Stunning screen – the crystal clear 5-inch Full HD OLED display lets you watch your favourite shows, movies or video clips in any condition, and thanks to a 2420 mAh battery and built-in wireless charging, there is no need to worry about running out of battery.

More from every moment – integration of the new Microsoft Enterprise feature pack, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Nokia Camera, and HERE Maps and Drive+, all of which work seamlessly to make the Lumia 930 a great tool for work and play.

Your apps, your way – The apps you want, all certified by Microsoft in the only app store that learns what you like and makes suggestions based upon what’s most important and personal to you.

Best for business – With the world’s most popular productivity tools, like Office and Outlook built-in, coupled with a host of new enterprise features like; VPN, SMIME and MDM support, Windows Phone is built for both personal productivity and enterprise deployment.

Class leading imaging – an advanced 20MP PureView camera with optical image stabilization and high quality ZEISS optics makes capturing and reliving amazing images and videos fast and easy.

More from your memories – with the enhanced Nokia Camera with Living Images, it’s easy to add movement and emotion to static pictures, while imaging apps such as Nokia Storyteller, Nokia Creative Studio and Nokia Refocus bring even more levels of creativity to any photo.

Incredible directional audio, HD video – with four high-performance microphones and Rich Recording, the Lumia 930 captures HD video like never before, with support for surround sound capture and playback.

Processing even faster and richer – A 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor to enhance activities like Xbox gaming, image capturing and video processing

Low power motion sensing – The new SensorCore helps people track their activity all day without using up the large 2420 mAh battery – perfect for exercise and exploration using apps like Bing Health and Fitness.

The Nokia Lumia 930 is available exclusively through Vodafone for an RRP of NZ$999.