Last minute Christmas gift ideas for people on a budget

The challenge that the Breakfast team set me today was to find THREE gadgets, $30 or under for a Mum, a brother and a younger kid.

How did I get on?  Well – to begin with I found the $30 quite difficult.  $30 seems to be the going price for an iPhone case, never mind the usual expensive smartphones that I get to review.

But with a bit of persistence and some ferreting around at the shops I did end up with more than one gadget for each of the family membersin the $30-$40 range.  See the video on TVNZ here and have a look at the full list of toys/gadgets below…
Budget Gadgets for Mum

Satzuma Shower Radio from Playtech

A fantastic gift for any mum that loves to sing in the shower. The radio has a powerful sucker that attaches itself to your shower wall, unlike most other shower radios that need to be hooked onto something. Then, all you have to do is hit the button to select your FM radio station and turn the tap to control the volume! Fully waterproof, incredibly easy to use and looks great in your shower room!
Price: $19.99
Website link here.

Kensington Proximo Key Tag Bluetooth Tracker from Mighty Ape

Safeguard your phone, save money and regain your peace of mind with the new way to ensure your phone, and everything on it, stays with you.
Available for both iPhone and Galaxy S, Proximo makes every day easier by ensuring you never lose your phone in the first place. The Proximo Fob works with the free App on your phone, alerting you as soon as your phone or keys get too far away from each other.

Price: $34.99
Website link here.

Budget Gadgets for Brother

Gothic Skull Effect USB Hub

If your brother is a bit of a gamer/computer nerd then he will probably love the Satzuma USB Skull Hub.  While it looks a bit gothic it can be used to store Jelly Beans or grow small plants.  The speed connection is so quick that the 4 Port USB Skull almost comes back to life. Let’s not forget to mention the open storage compartment in the crown of the USB skull!

Price $29.99
Website link here.


Satzuma Mobile Joystick
A gamers delight! The Smart Joystick comes in two sizes to suit the screens of both tablets and smartphones.
Play your favourite games and apps in a more realistic way with the added level of control and manoeuvrability that cannot be achieved by the basic touch function. Play your games like you have never played them before. Simply press down on the joystick to attach it to your devices screen for improved gaming. No wires or batteries needed.
The joystick will work with any game that features a virtual on-screen control pad of some kind.
Price: $14.99
Website link here.

Budget Gadgets for Younger Kids

Frozen Fairy Light Vine from Mighty Ape

This one blew the $30 budget a little bit, sneaking in at just under $45.  But Frozen gifts are THE gifts for 2015 so I’m sure little sis will love it. The multicolored lights gently fade in and out across 10 feet of vine. This cute room light features Anna, Princess of Arendelle, her older sister Elsa, Queen of Arendelle, Olaf the Snowman, snowflakes, and more from the Disney animated movie Frozen. Customise your light vine with the interchangeable light covers.  Not only does the wall display make for fun artwork in your room but it also acts as a night light, too. The Frozen Light Vines Room Light includes detachable, decorative snowflakes to place along your vine. Ages 5 and up.

Price: $44.99
Website link here.

Water Balloon Slingshot

If the person you are buying for is a playful outdoorsy type, why not get them a water balloon slingshot. At only $9.99 it won’t break the bank.  Let’s just hope the weather plays nice on Christmas day so the kids can run around in the sun with this fun gift.

Website link here.

From K Mart
Spy Voice Changer, $20 – kids (or kids at heart) can fool their friends into thinking they’re someone else this Christmas.

Jumbo Musical Mat, $30 – oversized piano like mat that plays different notes as you stand on different keys.

All prices correct at time of publishing. Products subject to availability