Hot gadgets from this month’s Kiaora magazine



Previously content to stake out a place in the middle of the market, Huawei is now making a play for the top end with their new big-screen Android device, the Ascend Mate 7, from $799. The high end smartphone boasts a stunning 6-inch Full HD display, a slim 7.9mm metal body, powerful octa-core chipset, and large, long-lasting battery while the rear single-touch fingerprint pad allows you to wake and unlock the device instantly with a tap of your finger.

Mighty Mouse


It’s the humble mouse made better. Kiwi Company Swiftpoint picked up an international innovation award in January for the Swiftpoint GT, $199, a computer input device that can be up to 40% more accurate than a touchpad. With a pen-like ergonomic grip to fit all hand sizes, users ‘swipe’ the mouse using a natural finger and wrist action, quickly and precisely flicking and panning around long documents or wide spreadsheets.

Dental as Anything

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

Maintaining a winning smile is easy with the U.S. designed Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser, $215. Aimed at anyone with an aversion to string floss, the Waterpik pulses pressurised water through an interchangeable tip, blasting away any debris trapped between your teeth. The flosser is great for people with braces, bridges, crowns, implants, or basically anyone who is after a fresher, cleaner mouth. The rechargeable cordless design adds extra flexibility and convenience.


High Class Selfies


The selfie craze has made it to the Fujifilm X-series range of premium digital cameras. The new X-A2 twin lens kit, $1,169, features a 175 degree tilt screen. When the LCD screen is flipped up, the camera automatically moves into selfie mode, focusing on the subjects eyes and taking shots that lighten skin tones for clear smooth portraits. With a host of other smart features the X-A2 will appeal to both serious and keen enthusiast photographers.


Smart Talk


There’s no need to fumble for your phone when you’re using the Sony SmartBand Talk, $299.95. This elegant fitness band with a gently curved e-ink display has a built in microphone and speaker, meaning you can enjoy hands free calling from your wrist. As a life logger, the Smartband Talk’s built in accelerometer provides an accurate overview of your daily physical activity, whether it be running, walking or climbing. It also has the added bonus of being waterproof.

Pressure Drop


The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor, $189.99, brings health monitoring into the 21st century. Your systolic, diastolic numbers, heart rate and pulse wave get sent directly from the device to your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth where you can view the results as visually dynamic charts. You can even choose to share your readings with friends, family or your doctor through the cloud or compare your historical averages to see how they rank against World Health Organization (WHO) classifications.

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