Make Up Genius App

L’Oréal Paris has introduced an innovative augmented reality makeup simulator where, unlike other apps, the makeup moves with your face.

Traditionally makeup simulators set makeup on a static image.  Now, cosmetics are entering the virtual era and L’Oréal Paris is providing a service that delivers a startlingly realistic result.

The new technology, never seen before in the world of beauty and originating from major Hollywood studios, enables users to try L’Oréal Paris products and access easy to understand tutorials by L’Oréal Paris makeup designers.

What happens when you move? Your augmented reality makeup moves with you. All of your facial expressions are detected and reproduced on your smartphone as if you have actually applied the makeup.

The technology is a patented facial tracking algorithm that enables precise facial recognition through a live mirror camera. Through the L’Oréal Paris Makeup Genius app, the camera can capture 64 facial points and up to 100 expressions while tracking head movements up to 60 degrees.

Thousands of products have been tested by L’Oréal Paris researchers to faithfully reproduce the colour, shine, material and light effects of each texture, product and makeup type.

“The colours and materials create a look that is more real than real,” says Eva Yean, L’Oréal Paris Global Colour Designer.

Yean, along with L’Oréal Paris makeup designer Karin Rahman, spent months checking every colour, shape and texture. Each rendering was screened by their expert eyes to ensure life-like designer make up.

Whether at home or in store, L’Oréal Paris products fit right in the palm of your hand thanks to the Makeup Genius app. It’s like having a makeup artist in your pocket.

The L’Oréal Paris Makeup Genius app is available for free download on iPhone and selected Android devices from April 2015.

Kiwi consumers are encouraged to download the L’Oréal USA or L’Oréal SA Makeup Genius apps that appear in the app store, then ‘New Zealand’ is available as their country of choice once the app is downloaded.

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