LG G4 phone launch – as it happened

29 April 2015: So, here we are in Singapore where LG aren’t just launching a phone, they are promising to “let you see and feel true greatness”.  That’s from the press kit blurb, which admittedly, always tend to lash on the superlatives.

But anyway, let’s see how the day goes..

9:55: Media stroll from the Marina Bay Sands (yep the one that dominates Singapore’s skyline with a rooftop infinity pool that spans three sky scrapers) to the nearby ArtScience Museum, the distinctive building which happens to be shaped like a lotus flower.




10:00: Registration time.




10:30: Launch presentation begins:

The media are seated.


Introduction from Chris Yi, LG’s Asia Pacific CEO.


The problem with phones today is that there is too much similarity in design.

LG want to produce a phone that has elegance and style.

They want to put the camera at the front of experience.

And they want to enhance their UX to put the user at the centre.

They have carried out a programme to better understanding their customers and give  innovation for a better life.”

The fruit of this is the LG G4.

Grand reveal.


The LG G4 has a slight curve.

It is available with a titanium effect or genuine leather back.

We see drone footage of Sydney shot with a G4.

It is impressive.

The video lists the features:  Colour spectrum sensor. Colour spectrum sensor. IPS Quantum display. Manual mode camera.  F 1.8 aperture “best-in-class” low light lens.  Removable 3,000 mAh battery and SD card slot.  Gesture control.  Smart notices.  Slim arc design.


Next up to run us through the features, entertaining speaker, Bang Youn Hwang from LG Singapore.


The “Grand Promise” for LG is  innovation for a better life.

Let’s look at the “Better Life” portion…

The three key proof points are:

1. Comfortable elegance.

2. Great visuals.

3. Human centric experience.

1. Comfortable elegance: 

Everyone has seen the leaks of the leather back phone but today, you’ll finally get to feel and smell the real experience. (Smell? Must mean the leather).

Genuine leather and ergonomic design for the most comfortable grip.

Flat, cold, metal phones (like the ones made by Apple and Samsung – ed) are slippery and uncomfortable.

LG decided to go to another level.

Bringing a unique and human experience, elegance and humanity to the G4.

Wanted it to relate to the forms to the contours of the human body.

Slim arc very visually pleasing.

“Grace and beauty” not seen in a flat screen phone.

Wha else?  LG G4 rear has genuine leather build, 12 weeks inventing a new method, vegetable tanning, only done in 10% of worlds leather.  The leather is prepared (made from cows resident?) 1800m above sea  level.  The thread used is from Germany.

Elegant Craftmanship. 

Depending on how you use it it will change and take on character over time.  Natural feel and uniqueness.

2. Great visuals:

The camera – faster autofocus. Laser Auto Focus .276 seconds.

Made launch of camera faster .6 sec.

Double press sound down button for fast shot.

Drawing with light, how much light can you bring in.

F 1.8 – smaller to allow more light.

40% larger image sensor 1/2.6 inch.

Optical image stabilisation double in performance.

Better than any competitors.

Worlds first colour spectrum sensor.

RGB and IR.

Manual mode added to camera controls.

Customisable, save to raw file, control white balance, choose iso and shutter speed. DSLR like.

And save those large files to an SD card.

Front camera is 8mp.

Gesture shot  – make two gestures to give you 4 selfies at one time – like a photo booth.

Crisp photos in low light with a greater range of options.

3. Human centric experience.

Smarter smart notices based on how you use it.

Built in google docs and slides

Google drive extra 100gb of storage on top of free 15gb for 2 years.

Human centric UX will adapt to your needs giving it the human touch.

Optional premium headphones.

Claims it is Revolutionary(?)

We are invited to see the phone or as LG put it “ See the great, Feel the great.”

But first another video:

Makes you feel beautiful.

Technology respecting your lifestyle.

You at the centre of this better experience.

11:30: Hands on time with the phone and “first-look”

We throng into a small space to experience the phone.

20150429_111322 20150429_111703 20150429_112223 20150429_112407_001 20150429_112558 Woman in Singapore compares leather accessorries at LGG4 launch WP_20150429_15_38_24_Pro

Something about that tan leather back reminds me of Steve McQueens race driving gloves – and I mean that in a positive sense.

It is pleasant to hold and easy to operate with one hand.

Lots of people taking selfies with gesture control – that’s going to be a hit.

I like it.

12:00: And that’s a wrap ladies and gentlemen.  As expected, no pricing or distribution has yet been set for New Zealand. That’s mainly because the carriers there need to assess the phone for their networks.  Hopefully once that’s done this phone will get the wide distribution it deserves.

Then you too can “Feel the great, see the great.” #LGG4

Thanks to LG New Zealand for inviting me to the event and to Brad Reed, Senior Marketing Manager, LG Australia for hosting me.