Music on a Roll – UE does it again

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Following on from the success of the UE Boom and its big brother the MegaBoom, UE have released the UE Roll.

How would you describe the shape of this Bluetooth connected music pumper?  From above it’s a perfect circle but in profile it looks like a flying saucer.  Despite it’s name it’s not designed to roll.

What it is designed to do is to play music anywhere.  And by that I mean anywhere you wouldn’t normally be able to take a speaker.

It’s waterproof and dustproof so you can take it with you with you while kayaking, skiing or mountain biking.  It has a built in bungee so you can attach it to almost anything, a backpack, a belt-strap, the handles of a bike.

As you can see from the promo video below, the UE Roll can be used to pump out the jams in outdoor locations.

I might not be a cool kid but even I found a use for it.  Because it’s waterproof I was able to listen to my favourite Spotify playlist while in the shower, continue to listen while preparing for the day, then keep it playing in my car, just hooking it over the rear view mirror before driving to work. Simple.

Expect to pay $169.90 when it goes on sale in July.  Available in a range of colours.

Tech specs are below the video.




Pics from the launch event at Seeby Woodhouse’s cool house on Auckland’s North Shore:

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Diameter: 135mm
Height: 40mm
Weight: 330 g
IPX7 rated: UE ROLL can be immersed in liquid up to 1m for up to 30 minutes.

Maximum Sound Level: 85dBA
Frequency Range: 108Hz – 20kHz
Drivers: One 2” driver and Two ¾” tweeters

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for up to 9 hours of battery life between Micro USB charges. Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions.
Charge time: 5.5 hours

Pair up to 8 Bluetooth ® enabled devices – Connect up to two source devices at the same time.
Wirelessly play (stream) to 2 UE ROLLs from one source.
Mobile range of play is up to 20m or (65ft).

For Audio Playback – Smartphones, tablets and other devices that support Bluetooth® wireless audio profile [Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)] or 3.5 mm audio output.