Big Boys Toys – The Latest App Controlled Gadgets

A toy from the Star Wars franchise, an aerial camera and wood-smoke barbecue – what do you think these three things have in common?

Well all of them can be controlled from your smartphone while you sit back and enjoy them.  Here’s a quick run down on these latest gadgets which are essentially some of the best “big boys toys” around.

Diverting Droid

Meet BB-8 from Sphero, $279, the app-enabled Droid whose movements and personality are as authentic as they are advanced. Based on the engaging Droid from the upcoming Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, BB-8 shows a range of expressions and perks up when you give voice commands. Watch BB-8 explore autonomously, guide it yourself with your smartphone or create and view holographic recordings just like in the movie.

Thriller Griller

The traditional wood smoke barbecue has been given a makeover and now includes Wi-Fi. Using an app you can start up, shut down or change the temperature on the Daniel Boone Wi-Fi Grill, $1399. With the computer control system, this wood pellet grill is easy to operate; simply fire it up, put on the meat, attach the meat probe, set the computer, and stand back while it does the work and you take the credit.

Daniel Boone for PRINT

Features :

Digital Controller: Control your grill’s temperature from 66°-260°C in 5° increments. From smoke to sear, you will have unparalleled accuracy, winter or summer.

Meat Probe: Just plug the probe into the jack on the controller, put it through the access hole in the side of the grill, and insert into the meat. Push the Food button on the controller, and it will immediately display the internal temperature of the meat you’re grilling.

Efficient Firebox: The firebox has vertical grooves cut evenly on its sides so that the air whirlwinds around the fire and gives much more complete combustion due to increased air circulation. This cyclone effect means more efficient pellet usage.

Thermal Sensor: Maintain a constant internal temperature year round with a Green Mountain Grill. Your grill will come equipped with an internal thermal sensor that regulates the temperature by adjusting air and pellet flow to maintain a constant internal temperature. Enjoy grilling all year long!

Sense-Mate Dual Program Control: Circuit-board-mounted sensor reads outside air temperature and sends computer program into turbo mode so that you won’t have to wait long for the grill to get up to temperature when it is very cold outside. Perfect for winter grilling!


Droning On

The Parrot Bebop from Mighty Ape, $1299, is a camera drone quatrocopter with a real focus on recording video and some seriously impressive image stabilisation. Dock and connect your smartphone or tablet, and sync with your Bebop Drone over Wi-Fi on FreeFlight 3 app. Or use the included Sky controller as a standalone remote control for greater distance and control.
Its feather-weight ABS reinforced structure (400g) makes the Parrot Bepop Drone robust and safe. In the event of any collision, the propellers stop automatically. The emergency mode allows the drone to land automatically. The emergency mode allows the drone to land immediately. Thanks to a GPS system, a Return Home function brings the Bepop drone easily back to its take-off point. Finally, EPP hulls included in the pack makes indoor flights safer.