Cool camera technology any Kiwi can afford

When you think about cameras today you may think of the one built into your phone.  But do you also think of Surveillance, 3D or Virtual reality? In modern society cameras are everywhere and they are getting smarter. To prove the point here are three cool cameras with amazing uses.

Gadget 1. HP Spectre X2 Tabet with an Intel Realsense Camera


The HP Spectre X2, from $1699, is a hybrid computer with a little something special added.  The integrated tablet and keyboard device features an Intel Realsense 3D, depth-sensing camera.  With this technology it’s possible to scan real world items and then turn them into 3D printed objects.  Canny gamers have even been using the camera to scan themselves and load their photo realistic avatars into games – which they can then play on the Spectre X2.  It’s almost like a scene from Inception isn’t it?


Gadget 2. Ricoh Theta S



If you’ve been on Facebook or YouTube lately you may have seen the latest in video technology, 360° videos which the user can drag to see all angles in the scene. The Ricoh Theta S camera, $349 USD, is one low cost solution that allows you capture your own 360° shots.

The spherical images the camera records provides a world view that is simply incomparable with standard photos and movies. Images of your entire surroundings can be captured with one simple push of the shutter, or if you prefer, you can use remote and manual shooting by using the app.

Spherical images can be posted to social networking services from the app and shared easily with friends. You can also send your spherical images to friends by mail or using a wide range of apps by saving them to a smartphone album.



Gadget 3:  Swann One Security System


Swann are world leaders in DIY security systems which can stay on site and then come with you if you move premises. It is a complete solution allowing you to control every element of your home or business security from just one app, via your smartphone.

In New Zealand there are two starter kits to choose from; the alarm kit which has a smart hub to connect to your wifi and three movement sensors ($599) and the video monitoring kit which has the alarm elements plus a soundview camera for live video surveillance ($799).

Owners can add to the base kits with items like a siren, a smart plugs, smart door lock or an outdoor camera. The SwannOne Smart Hub even has a built-in microphone which listens for glass windows and door breaking, and will notify you if it detects them.