Work It – stylish business gadgets to help you get the job done

Powerful, portable and fashionable, these are three of the essential elements when it comes to business gadgets.

Your technology needs to be on hand, help you do the job and if it makes you look smart and stylish, well that’s even better.

Today we’ve chosen three pieces of technology that more than fit the brief.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S – The Best Business Tablet Going?

In a strange turn of events, Samsung have teamed up with Microsoft to create the best business tablet since, well, since Microsoft created the Surface.

Yes, this is Samsung’s first version of a device similar to the successful Microsoft Surface (which is now onto its fourth generation)

The Galaxy Tab Pro S is pitched as powerful enough to be a full desktop replacement.

Stylish and elegant the device sports a Super Amoled display – that makes it the first Samsung Windows tablet to have a 12 inch display made from the same material that their excellent mobile phone screens are made of. Some people find the contrast and colour of Super Amoled to be a bit bright and nasty but I love it.

The tablet becomes a business tablet mainly because it comes with Windows 10 and 4G/LTE connectivity, meaning you get computing power provided on the move. Additionally the Tab Pro S can be adapted to work with most desktop monitors – creating a full desktop environment.

Unlike many unnamed 2-in-1 devices, (cough iPad Pro – cough Surface Pro) the Tab Pro S comes with keyboard and track pad included. The keyboard is a fuller size creating a more familiar computing experience.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone can also pair their device with the Galaxy TabPro S to create an authentication tool – unlocking your screen when the two devices are in close proximity, and sharing files between each device.

Price: $1,799 for the wifi version and $1,999 for the 4G version.
Website here.
2. Huawei – Awesome Android Smartphones, the Mate 8 and Leica Camera Toting P9.

Remember the 80’s? You could spot a business person a mile away thanks to their power suits with skyscraper-like shoulder pads and their ridiculously large mobile phones. The phones (and shoulder pads) have certainly gotten smaller but a mobile phone is probably still the number one business accessory.

And in 2016, here’s the big question, is Huawei the new superpower in Smartphones?

These two devices certainly make it appear so. The large Mate 8 and the just announced premium P9 happen to be two of the best Android smartphones going.

The P9 is the hero device, going on sale on the 1st of June. The stylish design, with a sandblasted aluminium case and a rich, 5.2 in full HD screen would look good in any boardroom situation.

Huawei have gone all out on the camera with this phone, gaining the endorsement of one of the most recognized names in premium photography, Leica.

When I say camera, I mean cameras – there are two 12mp cameras on the rear of the device, one of which is black and white only. The P9 melds the images from each camera into one shot producing better low light photographs and superior professional quality images overall.

The P9 is so premium it is even endorsed by Hollywood Stars, Scarlett Johanson and Henry Cavill. The TV and Cinema advert was filmed in Shanghai and our very own Wellington. See if you can spot Te Papa in the video below.

Mate 8 Price, $1,099, available in space grey with 32 GB of storage.

Huawei P9 Price, $1,099, available from June 1st.

Gadget 3. USB Cufflinks

USB Cufflinks

In business, you always need to have a trick or two up your sleeve so you can maintain your competitive edge. So why not have a USB drive or two up your sleeve as well.

These novelty cufflinks might just save your skin in a business meeting. If your laptop crashed and that incredibly important document can’t be accessed online, you’ll be glad you saved a spare copy on your cufflink. For real.

Each cufflink has a hidden USB flash drive held in place by magnets. And they don’t even scream GEEK!! – They look like a normal pair of shiny silver cufflinks with an executive looking all metal casing.

Available from Amazon.

Price: $22 NZD plus postage.