Take Control With These Cool Gadgets

In the old days, life was hard.  If you wanted mood lighting at home you needed an electrician.  If you wanted to measure your heart rate, you needed to visit the doctor.

But now, there’s a reasonably priced gadget for every situation.

Here are three gadgets which show you how to take control of your life through off-the-shelf technology


iDual range of lights from Jedi Lighting.

Discover what mood lighting can do with your home and change your lights to your mood at any moment of the day with this low-cost solution.

The revolutionary iDual LED lighting system will appear in Bunnings Warehouse stores from July, giving Kiwis the ability to change lighting to one of 750 colours at the touch of a button.

The iDual range from Jedi Lighting gives the user the ability to change the lighting to suit their mood by the push of a button. And all they need to do is swap out their standard light bulbs for an iDual light globe – it’s that easy.

The light comes with a simple remote control which controls all of the different moods and light scenes.  At the click of a button you can choose one of the dynamic colour scenes which change the colour and intensity of the bulb.  Options include ‘functional white’ for working; ‘night’ to help get the kids to sleep; ‘ocean’ for creating ambience in the bathroom and ‘party’ for entertaining. Push the ‘wake up’ button in the morning and the room slowly brightens into a day light brightness.

The range also includes downlights, spotlights, ceiling lamps, portable lights and outdoor lights.

A second product, the 2-in-1 will also be available.  This bulb changes from a warm low light to a bright daylight when you second click the power switch.  You are no longer stuck with one intensity of bulb in a light setting – and you don’t need to muck around with dim switches either.

Price: The colourful iDual bulbs start at $49.98 while the 2-in-1 starts at $17.98

Website: www.bunnings.co.nz


AliveCor Heart Monitor (Mobile ECG Sensor).

Smaller than a credit card, the AliveCor allows you to capture a medical-grade EKG in just 30-seconds from anywhere, anytime.

The monitor attaches to the back of a smartphone and is easy to use. Simply start the app, then hold your fingers on each of the sensors for 30 seconds. AliveCor’s proprietary technology converts electrical impulses from user’s fingertips into ultrasound signals transmitted to the mobile device’s microphone.

Unlike smartwatches and fitness trackers which simply measure your pulse, this device measures your heart rhythm and tells you whether it is normal or in atrial fibrillation (unusual activity from your heart).

Who can benefit?

The AliveCor Heart Monitor provides individuals with the ability to track heart health anywhere, anytime at an affordable cost. Those who can benefit include individuals with suspected or diagnosed heart conditions and health conscious individuals.

It may be of benefit to existing patients or to people who are undertaking lifestyle changes (through diet and exercise) who may wish to record and track their progress.

The free app, AliveECG, available for iOS and Android, together with the Heart Monitor, records and stores single-channel ECGs. The medical grade tracings are comparable to Lead I on standard ECG machines.

 With secure data storage in the cloud, users can access their ECG data confidentially anytime, anywhere, grant access to their physicians, print PDFs and email it to caregivers and health professionals.

Available from: http://www.uhealth-nz.com/

Price, $215.


Geko Device for “Neuromuscular electrostimulation.”

The Geko device, uses neuromuscular electro-stimulation technology, which is clinically proven to increase blood circulation, helping with a range of conditions.

The innovative device is a simple, convenient and time efficient electronic device designed for athletes to accelerate sports recovery after exercise and minor injury for improved performance.

Small, painless electrical impulses gently stimulate the common peroneal nerve behind the knee which in turn activates the calf and foot muscle pumps of the lower leg that return blood towards the heart.

It is endorsed by the medical team behind the British and Irish Lions rugby team.

It may also help long haul travellers avoid the threat of deep vein thrombosis which is caused by long periods of leg inactivity.

Similar devices are used in New Zealand hospitals to help patients undergoing  long operations.

Neuromuscular stimulation in the lower limb emulates the process normally achieved by walking (up to 60%) but without the patient having to move or exert energy and without discomfort

The Geko can help athletes recover faster, relieve muscle soreness, reduce swelling after injury and improve general sports performance.

Powered by a small battery, with software controlled by up and down buttons, the Geko device has 7 stimulation levels and is worn comfortably above the peroneal nerve . The increase in blood circulation reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) in the lower leg within 24 hours.

A simple, self-adhesive device that is applied to the back of each knee, the disposable, one-size-fits-all Geko device is designed to avoid the need for more complex procedures.

Price: $59.50

Website: http://www.uhealth-nz.com/