Upmarket gadgets for the modern home

Running a dinner party is not just a chance to show off your cooking skills, you can also show off the latest upmarket gadgets.  Whether it’s preparing the setting with the latest flash vacuum cleaner or impressing your friends with your vintage wine collection we have the three cool gadgets to help you keep up with the Jones’s.

The upmarket gadget that appears in Michelin Star Restaurants in Europe is now appearing in the best restaurants in New Zealand.

Coravin Model Two is a revolutionary new wine access system that has been featured in Viva Magazine, Cuisine Magazine, GQ, Vogue, Wired and other publications as a game changing invention that allows the user to access wine by the glass without having to open the whole bottle. It was just launched in New Zealand in March, and is already being used to serve wine in restaurants such as The Grove, Whitebait, The Northern Club, Stafford Rd Wine Bar, and many others.

The Coravin is only intended for use on bottles of wine with a cork – not screw tops.  While New Zealand leads the way in screw caps, the majority of the world’s fine wines – particularly European, are stopped with corks.

With this device you can dust off an old bottle that you’ve been saving and pour a small glass, keeping the cork sealed and the wine preserved.  When you extract the needle, the cork reseals.

Why use Coravin?
· Flexibility and Freedom: The ability to taste different wines in the course of an evening without having to have all the bottles open. Match tasting menus or seasonal dishes, offer guests a glass of their preferred wine of choice without a Chardonnay drinker having to drink a Sav because its open – or enjoy a glass of white while cooking then switch to red if you’re serving meat for a main.
· Quality: Each glass is served in perfect condition. You might just want one glass, but all the more reason to have one glass of something really good, not open something cheap just because its only Tuesday night and you have cross fit the next day and won’t want to drink afterwards.
· Waste Reduction: No more drinking the rest of the bottle so it doesn’t get wasted, or letting it oxidise and throwing it out.

Price: $675. The Argon capsules cost $20 each, enough for 18 glasses.
Website: http://www.coravin.nz
Importers website: http://www.stvincentscave.com/


The vacuum that self rights when toppled.

Machines that tip over, and are awkward to manoeuvre. Bins that are messy and fiddly to empty. Hoses that can get in the way, and tools that can disappoint. Some barrel vacuum cleaners can be cumbersome and frustrating. So Dyson engineers set out to solve these problems. The result: The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball vacuum.

Conventional vacuums fall down and stay down. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball barrel self-rights when toppled. Dyson engineers made this possible by assembling the vacuum’s components in a spherical array, with the heaviest nearest to the floor. Placing them inside a curved body with a low centre of gravity means that whenever the vacuum is displaced, gravitational forces will automatically return it to its upright resting position.

36 Dyson Cinetic™ tips separate the microscopic dust that can clog conventional vacuums. Vacuums with Dyson Cinetic™ science do not lose suction, and capture dust, dirt and microscopic particles down to 0.3 microns in size. And the dust separation is so efficient that there’s no need to wash or replace a filter.

Available from electrical stores nationwide.

Price, from $799, the “Animal” version shown costs $1099
Website: http://www.dyson.co.nz



Whether it`s naughty ice cream or virtuous sorbet – this machine makes 1.14 litres (2 pints) of your favourite home made dessert in less than half an hour. Comes with large feed, stainless-steel bowl and recipe book full of tempting ideas. Why not use yoghurt or fromage frais as a base for your favourite flavour low calorie ice cream?
Requires pre-freezing in a four star freezer for 12 hours.

Price: $329
Website: http://millyskitchen.co.nz/brands/m-to-q/magimix/magimix-le-glacier-chrome.html