Heineken App Shows You Where the Fun Is (Pokemon’s not included)

Heineken LIVE is a new app that brings your city to life, unlocking a world of exclusive rewards and possibilities.

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Heineken recently demonstrated their cool new experiential assistant with a “tiki tour” of some of Auckland’s hottest spots.

Heineken Live is designed to act as a virtual Wing Man, showing you where the best and most active bars are, and offer you “money can’t buy” experiences along the way.

After downloading the app in a trial capacity, I ended up having an amazing night, making my way around central Auckland to a series of curated events.

The evening showcased some of the functionality of the app and the types of experiences its users may get in the real world.  For example? Well my first notification from Heineken Live told me I had an Uber voucher and it gave me a destination to head to.

After meeting up with the Heineken crew at a bar in the Viaduct, my app buzzed to let me know my boat was ready.  That’s right, we had a launch ready to take us on a tour of the harbour.

After the harbour tour the app buzzed again to tell us there was a chauffeur waiting to take us to an exclusive event in a Warehouse near the edge of town.  There, Dominic Bowden launched the app officially and outlined the experiences Heineken had in store for real users of the app.

Imagine being in a bar and getting a notification that there was a helicopter outside ready to whisk you to a party at an exclusive island resort? You may laugh but with a large promotional investment behind it, the Heineken Live app could actually deliver an experience like that to its lucky kiwi users.

If you are over 18 and know the rules about drinking responsibly, you can download the app from here.  http://www.heineken.com/nz/Heineken-Live/Heineken-Live-App

About Heineken LIVE

  • Heineken LIVE is a new technology platform that rewards people for getting out and visiting Heineken venues with money-can’t-buy experiences via smartphone
  • Heineken LIVE celebrates what makes cities around our country so unique, while bringing a taste of some exciting global experiences that Kiwis are looking for in New Zealand.
  • Heineken LIVE is the first app of its kind in New Zealand, using the combination of iBeacon and smartphone GPS technology to reward users in real time.
  • The more Heineken LIVE users get out and explore their city, the more offers, rewards and experiences they may receive with over $500,000 worth of prizes in 2016.
  • The technology has been developed in New Zealand and Kiwis will be the first in the world to trial the app.