Hello Gadget fans.

I just wanted to post a bit of an update to let you all know what’s happening with thegadgetguy.co.nz.  Thanks to a really great opportunity (a change in my day job) I’m putting my other career of professional gadget reviewer on hold.

It has been an amazing eight years of carrying out the best job in “techie television”, ever since I got a phone call out of the blue at Media360 asking me if I’d like to come in to TVNZ and audition for a contributors role on Breakfast.

All I wanted to do was see if I could do one appearance on live television, and that first segment with Paul Henry was a mega drama.  I found out that Murphy’s law applied to tech.  It could go wrong and it did go wrong. That complicated “pimp my PC” segment gave me the heebegeebees; setting up monitors and a mouse and a hard drive while Paul Henry laughed at me as the clock ticked down the seconds to us going live.

But we did go live and Paul was brilliant at making sure I didn’t completely fail my first live television interview.  I passed the audition and I was invited to become a regular contributor.

I then had another goal of completing three, five minute segments so I could say I got my fifteen minutes of (Breakfast Television) fame.

I got that and much more.  Almost every fortnight for more than eight years, I was able to choose three cool products to take on TV to “show and tell”.  I did this alongside great talent like Ben Gracewood and Tee Twyford until they moved on and left me to it.

In my time on Breakfast I’ve covered just about every flagship phone released in that time, many many tablets, multiple laptops but also the fun stuff that really made the segment work on TV, golf trolleys, drones, robotic tele-presence machines, you name it.

I’ve also learned how PR works.  The loan products, the overseas trips to attend product launches, the schmoozing, the really cool exclusive events which I was invited to as a C list celebrity.  It all served to educate me about the latest in technology.  I’ve been lucky enough to be in contact with many very good PR people in this time and really appreciate the work they do to get publicity for their clients.

I couldn’t have done what I’ve done without the support of Nigel and the team at Mediacom.  They are a great bunch and have always found ways to let me fulfill my gadget duties without affecting the great service we offer our clients.

So as I put this part of my media career to one side I wanted to say a few thanks.

Thanks to the viewers who have taken the trouble to watch the segment and share their enjoyment, particularly the ones who have got in touch to say goodbye in the past week.

On that, thanks to the lovely couple who bumped into my wife and I at a Melbourne hotel during the Melbourne cup a couple of years ago and made sure Helen took a few photos of me with them.  I loved your enthusiasm (don’t worry guys, even though she was late for the coach Helen still managed to catch her flight on time).

Thanks to all of the hosts who let me come on every couple of weeks and get excited about the latest new tech (Paul Henry, Pippa Wetzell, Corin Dann, Alison Pugh, Petra Bagust, Rawdon Christie, Toni Street, Nadine Chalmers-Ross, Sam the Weatherman and the guest hosts) and the production team and assistants. And thanks to the editors who accepted my monthly contributions to their magazines.

And of course thanks to my understanding wife and usually embarrassed (but secretly proud) children who are now delighted they’ll see more of me at home (yeah right!).

I may be stopping the professional appearances but I will keep the blog online in order to chat about any new technology (or related topics) that catch my fancy.

So to paraphrase Douglas Adams, and in homage to the technology industry, so long and thanks for all the tech.  Apple, Samsung, LG, Microsoft, Panasonic, Huawei, HP and everyone else – I am still keen to see what products you and the rest of the industry produce to help us live our dream of living in the future.