Here’s my mission statement:
This is a gadget blog “for the rest of us”. I’m interested in reviewing technology from a consumer perspective. I want everyday people to know what they will get if they spend their hard earned dollars on a new gadget. If you want highly technical reviews please feel free to browse WordPress for the many other blogs available. If you enjoy gadgets and want to hear what they are like “in the hand” then stick with me.

About the Gadget Guy:
John Buckley’s favourite saying is “I love the future”.  Growing up in Ireland in the 70’s and 80’s he existed on a diet of James Bond movies and classic arcade games.  To this day he still holds the record for clocking the Asteroids machine (15 times) at the Captains Road shops.

Now, as a grown up in New Zealand, John is still in love with technology.  This blog is dedicated to his obsession with all things digital – LCD TV’s, the web, mobile phones, satellite navigation systems, portable video cameras, just about everything a 70’s Dublin kid dreamed the future would bring.

Check in regularly to see John’s technology reviews from TVNZ and other media, as well as the odd random comment about the things that matter.

View John’s linkedin profile here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/johnbuckleynz

Want to contact John? Do it via e-mail

6 thoughts on “About

  1. You were on breakfast with a new Hotspot device from Vodafone in early December can you tell me what the charges etc were…Vodafone don’t know what I am talking about

  2. A friend has said you have talked on Breakfast about phone/laptop finders. They stick onto the phone or laptop or car keys then you can log into phone/laptop to find where they are located. Can you please advise what they are called and where they are purchased from. Thank you.

  3. Was watching this morning and you demonstrated some gravity tongs. We bought two a few years ago (gave one away) and have been looking ever since for them. They weren’t $100 each though!!! Anyway, where do you get them from?

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