Upwardly Mobile – Music Phones Reviewed for Real Groove Magazine

Apples iphone changed the game for mobile phones with music and multimedia capabilities. But the other players are finally catching up. We take a wander through the current range of handsets that allow us to play with our music and video, anytime anyplace, anywhere. – John Buckley

Nokia 5800 MusicXpress – The Newcomer.

1-nokiaThe Finnish mobile manufacturer has been working the music angle hard these past couple of years. Their latest effort is the excellent 5800 MusicXpress, the first Nokia phone to sport a full touch screen. The video quality and the through-the-earphone sound experience is impressive. However the inbuilt speaker, one of the 5800’s selling points, lacks grunt, so it’s unlikely to earn you a visit from noise control anytime soon.

To remind you that it is a music phone they’ve thrown in a pick to help you navigate across the screen. Try as we might we couldn’t find a strum Continue reading