Coffee, coffee, water – three of my favourite drinks. #gadgets

Coffee is an essential part of our morning routine in New Zealand, without our daily fix our productivity would absolutely crash through the floor.

That’s why for this week’s review I have hunted down two of the latest coffee gadgets as well as a boom box of a water bottle that plays music to remind you to drink. Whatever next?

First up, there’s the Nespresso Prodigio with Milk – The Connected Nespresso Machine
Price: $499
Gadget Guy Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

This month, Nespresso launches its first generation of smartphone connected coffee machines, the Prodigio&Milk. Using Bluetooth Smart technology, the Nespresso Prodigio&Milk machine seamlessly links with the renowned Nespresso smartphone app, for maximum convenience.

The Prodigio&Milk machine and Nespresso app allow coffee lovers to brew their favourite Nespresso Grand Cru from the comfort of their lounge. It provides alerts when running low on capsules and notifies users of machine maintenance ahead of time.

The ‘intelligent’ machine simplifies the coffee experience for users, offering:
•    Capsule stock management, so users will never run out of capsules
•    De-scaling and maintenance reminders
•    Scheduled coffee brewing at the desired time

All of the services will be sent directly to the Nespresso smartphone app for seamless integration.


•    First Nespresso machine you can control using a Smartphone App
•    Can brew on-demand
•    Or set a time to brew so you can have a coffee ready when you wake up
•    Includes capsule counter to alert you when you’re running low on coffee
•    Also monitors water levels and lets you know when it needs descaling or a service
•    You have to download the Nespresso app and register the machine but this only takes a minute.
•    Includes integrated milk frother or “Aerochino”
Next we have an old school looking but uber cool “Coffee Gadget” the Grosche Franfurt Pour over Coffee Brewing System

Price: $299.
Gadget Guy Rating: 3 out of 5.
Website: http:

Bringing back the art of brewing coffee – the Frankfurt from Grosche is a unique looking pour over coffee pot.

Grosche is a Canadian Social Enterprise on a mission to do good in the world.

They create products that elevate coffee making from technology to art, making barista quality coffee wares with modern designs.

•    ELEGANT & COMPLETE – The GROSCHE Frankfurt is a complete Pour-Over Coffee brewing system that lets you make the perfect cup of coffee, and looking beautiful doing it.
•    DURABLE – The coffee server that comes with Frankfurt is made of Borosilicate, Heat-Resistant Glass – giving you that added sense of durability and quality. This storage pot has a capacity of 600ml/20.3 fl. oz which is good for 2-3 cups.
•    ECO-FRIENDLY – The filter that sits atop the Frankfurt is made of 18-8 Stainless Steel and is reusable. This is certainly great for the environment and it will also save you money in the long run as you would no longer need to use one-time, disposable filters!
•    LIMITLESS – The Frankfurt is here to redefine Pour-Over Coffee. It is ideal for use in any environment including Kitchens, Offices, Outdoors, and various Work Spaces. Pick your area and give it a go!

Finally, the Spritz Acoustic Water Bottle
Price: $149.99
Gadget Guy Rating: 3 out of 5

Moving away from coffee gadgets, to another kind of refreshment; The Spritz is the world’s first rugged sports water bottle with an acoustically engineered HD wireless speaker.

The world’s smartest water bottle it comes with:
•    Live audio remastering
•    HD Wireless Speaker
•    App controls
•    Hydration tracker

Spritz is about incredible acoustics, It’s a wireless music player that’s designed and built with extremely advanced audio technology, then calibrated and tuned by a professional recording studio.

It delivers an unparalleled sonic range with almost 95dB of loudness.  That’s as loud as a jackhammer at 50 feet.

It can stream music from your smartphone via Bluetooth, or you can pop an SD card with your own MP3’s into the base of the device.

The Spritz comes with 2 downloadable apps. The first being a hydration app which will remind the user to hydrate at their predetermined intervals. The second app is an acoustic app which adjusts the sounds according to the listening environment to optimise the output for the very best sound quality.

All prices correct at time of publication.  Products subject to availability


All Blacks Rugby Experience Gets a Boost from Telecom

This time last year I was not a happy chappy.  If you follow this link to my blog post you’ll see I had a good old moan about the smartphone experience at Eden Park during the Bledisloe Cup match betwen New Zealand and Australia. It was disheartening, but let’s face it, 12 months is a long time in tech and when I head back to Eden Park for the same fixture tomorrow night, I’m expecting a completely different experience.

Telecom is set to unveil a groundbreaking technology experience which will greatly enhance the game for a lucky group of customers.

I’ll give you a rundown of how it works.

The Telecom Treats technology is Smartphone based. It uses a mobile web app which has been developed specially to deliver a unique Telecom customer experience at three All Blacks games (in Auckland 25th August; Wellington 8th September and 15th September, Dunedin).

Approximately 700 Telecom customers are being invited to celebrate their birthdays by attending these games with a friend or partner.

First up, the customers receive a notification of the event on their Smartphones. This invites them to download the mobile web app which is hooked up to the backend server system.

The app contains a ticket in barcode form which allows them to enter the stadium by scanning their handsets.  In Wellington and Dunedin, an iPhone based ticket scanning system will be used.

Scanning the ticket kicks off another part of the process. Before arriving, they can place an order for food and drink through their app.  When they scan their tickets at the gate, a signal is sent to the kitchen initiating their order and the food is then delivered hot to their seat. This sounds great doesn’t it? Like Gold Class for Rugby games.

Next up, there is a free wifi network around the guest’s seats. The app can now be used to stream a live audio encoding of the game courtesy of an arrangement with Radio Sport. Using their headphones they will be able to hear the commentators and the referee.

Finally, the app gives them to ability to view live match data feeds from Sportal, check in to Facebook and vote for their player of the day.

The mobile web app and supporting in-game technology was developed by Telecom and Satellite Media.  They hope the experience created might one day be the norm at major NZ sporting and entertainment events.

Here’s hoping it all goes right on the night – I’m certainly looking forward to trying it (and will report back with pics and notes). Oh, and go the AB’s!