Hey John Buckley, here are some Christmas gift ideas for your family…

Hi John Buckley,

Now, you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but as you reached out to me on Twitter I thought I could at least try and help you solve your Christmas gift dilemma.

As a reminder – here’s your tweet…

I’ve spent the past few days putting serious consideration into your questions and I think I have the answers!


Well, let’s see how we go.

Starting with your 6 YO boy.  This present was actually the hardest one for me to pick as I haven’t followed WWE since Hulk Hogan retired from the ring.  I’ve gone a different way and wanted to recommend the Lego Star Wars Jabba Sail Barge Kit.  It’s fun for Mom, Dad and Mr. 6 to put together and reminds the older family members of a really cool movie – what could be better for Christmas than that? Sure it’s recommended for kids aged 9+ but as long as a grown up helps I’m sure he’ll enjoy it.


For your smart 8 year old boy I’m going to go out on a limb and recommend a rocket kit.  Be very careful with these as they use gunpowder fuel cells (available from toy/model stores) and let me know if there’s a reason you’re handle is @9fingerjohnny.  These rocket kits are very sciency yet very fun when they work.  When my own boy was younger we had lots of fun setting these things off.  Here’s a kit that you can order on your very own Amazon.com. Make sure you’ve got a nice clear day cos when you do it right these things go hiiiigh.  You need to promise me that you’ll take all of the necessary safety precautions, yes?


For miss 11yr old (punky), if she’s into her music I recommend the UE Boom bluetooth portable rechargeable speaker,  It’s just as good at playing music for studying as it is for loud-ass rockin’ out. Because it carries the “Ultimate Ears” branding (as trusted by all your favourite – or favorite – musicians) you know it also has a lot of street cred.

UE Boom

Finally, for 29yrwife (tech) would a pledge for a really cool, innovative camera count as a gift? If so, you could help one of New Zealand’s first ever kickstarter campaigns reach their goal.  The Quebee camera is a neat little device and really good for taking family photos with everyone in the frame.


So, John Buckley, good luck with the Christmas shopping and best wishes to you and your family from the New Zealand based John Buckley (and his family).

(P.S. let me know how you get on, cool?)