Time Wasting Toys

Is your workplace all work and no play? If so you could be missing out.

A recent survey showed that companies who allow their staff a bit of time-wasting-play-time, actually achieve better levels of productivity and staff morale.

Why don’t we take a look at the latest time-wasting toys.

View the breakfast video with Paul Henry here… More about the gadgets after the break.

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Odd Gadgets for Summertime – TVNZ Breakfast

It’s finally summer and for most people that means its time to head out into the great outdoors.  For technology geeks that means leaving behind the flat screen TV’s and PS3’s. But fear not gadget fans, TVNZ’s inspector gadget John Buckley has found three new items which you might want to use during a long hot summer.

ck Calvin Klein Memory Frame
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Grunty Garden Gadgets (TVNZ) 3rd June 09

I’m not a big gardener but I am a big fan of power tools.  This week we had fun trying to lop  a branch with the Black & Decker Alligator tool, while Chloe did her best to handle a backpack leafblower. Watch the chaos ensue by clicking on the image below.


Black & Decker Alligator Loppers

This Black & Decker garden tool works just like a manual lopper but adds the power of a chainsaw to the mix.   It’s great for chopping through thick pieces Continue reading