Skinny Gadgets – Samsung LED 9000 , Apple MacBook Air 11″ and others

You may remember the old saying – “you can never be too rich or too thin” – well gadget makers seem to believe this, with a whole range of super skinny gadgets hitting our shops.

But while the gadgets may be slim, it seems you need a fat wallet to be able to afford them.

Samsung LED 9000 Full HD 3D TV
The new Samsung LED TV may be massive in terms of its 55 cm viewing area but amazingly it’s only 4.89 mm thick.

How can it be so slim?
The brushed titanium casing not only gives it strength, it acts as a heat sink (so there are no fans inside the casing).
The speakers and tuners are actually in the base.
The lights (LED’s) are in the edge.

What’s cool about it?
As you’d expect from a $10,000 television, it has a lot of special features
– Not only does it show 3D movies, it can take normal 2D signals and convert it to 3D.
– It comes with a Wi-Fi adapter for accessing internet apps.
– Features an amazing touch screen remote which among other things, allows you to watch a 2nd channel while others are viewing the 1st.

Price: $9,999
Available from: Check with your usual electronics retailers such as Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman and JB HiFi
Product Website:
Rating: 5 out of 5

The new 11 inch MacBook Air

How slim is it? 2.79 mm at front edge and 1.7 cm at the back

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